Inhumanwich Soundtrack to be Released Friday

Our long association with Phratry Records continues to grow with the release of the soundtrack to Inhumanwich! The soundtrack will be available in two versions:

Inhumanwich! The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a full length digital album featuring every scrap of music recorded for the film, including a rare demo version of “Meat Is Murder!”

Meat Is Murder! (And Other Noises From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a limited edition 7″ vinyl single for the movie’s theme song, with “Mitch’s Song” as the B side, and with exclusive tracks not available on the album. The record comes with special gatefold packaging.

The project has been a long time in the making, but was also a close-kept secret. As the finishing touches were made to the release, the Phratry honchos decided the best release would be one of pure, shameless synergy: the album and single will both be released March 29, with the Phratry world premiere/music showcase as the perfect release party.

Tickets to the premiere are available here. Those who can’t make it will be able to order both releases online starting Friday.

Inhumanwich Soundtrack

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