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Argo One Face Masks Now Available

A year into a global pandemic and we finally got around to making Argo One face masks. Protect those around you by slapping our rocketship logo across your mug!

Head on over to our brand new, no-frills Threadless shop to pick one up today, then keep checking back as we (hopefully) keep adding more designs!

Argo One Now on Buy Me a Coffee

You can now support Argo One at Buy Me a Coffee! Everything you donate goes toward post-production costs and general studio upkeep.

Think of it as a Tip Jar for those months where we don’t need a Tip Jar. We don’t need the big bucks when we’re not filming, but we’re not above asking for the occasional fiver every now and then.

Head on over to our Buy Me a Coffee page and donate today!

Inhumanwich Soundtrack Now Available

As we mentioned earlier this week, the soundtrack album to Inhumanwich! is now available, as is the “Meat Is Murder!” 7″ single, both released today by Phratry Records.

Click here to purchase either title from Bandcamp.

Inhumanwich Soundtrack to be Released Friday

Our long association with Phratry Records continues to grow with the release of the soundtrack to Inhumanwich! The soundtrack will be available in two versions:

Inhumanwich! The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a full length digital album featuring every scrap of music recorded for the film, including a rare demo version of “Meat Is Murder!”

Meat Is Murder! (And Other Noises From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a limited edition 7″ vinyl single for the movie’s theme song, with “Mitch’s Song” as the B side, and with exclusive tracks not available on the album. The record comes with special gatefold packaging.

The project has been a long time in the making, but was also a close-kept secret. As the finishing touches were made to the release, the Phratry honchos decided the best release would be one of pure, shameless synergy: the album and single will both be released March 29, with the Phratry world premiere/music showcase as the perfect release party.

Tickets to the premiere are available here. Those who can’t make it will be able to order both releases online starting Friday.

Inhumanwich Soundtrack

Introducing the Argo One Tip Jar

Do you like what we do here at Argo One? Have you ever wanted to buy us lunch? Here’s your chance: say hello to the Argo One Tip Jar!

As we approach the end of production on Phratry and the beginning of production on 71 Minutes in a Bunker, we figure it’s time to raise some extra spending money. Rather than go through a crowdfunding site, however, we’re taking donations directly from you via PayPal. The reasons? It’s partly to avoid service fees from those websites, partly so we don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to get paid, and partly so fans can donate a little at a time instead of all at once, but still get rewards.

The Tip Jar will be open only when we’re filming. Whenever a new donation campaign begins, we’ll announce it here as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Our first fundraiser is now active and runs through May 26. Read all about it and the rewards you can get for your donations here.