Spin It Like a Coin/Dust and Ash

2015-16; music video; directed by David Cornelius and Shane Chaney.

A pair of videos featuring songs from A.M. Nice’s debut album.

“Spin It Like a Coin” directed and edited by David Cornelius, photographed by Shane Chaney and David Cornelius. “Dust and Ash” directed, photographed, and edited by Shane Chaney.

Songs written and performed by A.M. Nice (Nick Nice, George Nice, and Adam Nice), from the Phratry Records album A.M. Nice.

“Spin It Like a Coin” online premiere October 5, 2015. “Dust and Ash” online premiere February 25, 2016.

Parents guide: Music videos featuring good old-fashioned rock and roll. A few shots in both videos feature some questionable graffiti in the background we didn’t catch while filming and which some parents may not wish to explain to their younger kids just yet.

Spin It Like a Coin

Dust and Ash

Dust and Ash

AM Nice

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