The Complete Country and Western Story Songs of 1973, Volume One

2016; sketch; musical comedy; written by David Cornelius; directed by David Cornelius and Shane Chaney.

A commercial for your favorite songs of yesteryear.

Songs written by David Cornelius, John Hoerr, and Shane Chaney. Songs recorded by John Hoerr (music director) and Shane Chaney (music producer).

Starring Brad Nicholas, Laura Berkemeier, and the Argo One gang.

Shot by Shane Chaney. Edited by David Cornelius and Shane Chaney.

Theatrical premiere February 23, 2016. Online premiere March 4, 2016.

Parents guide: Not intended for younger kids. OK for most teens. Some sexual innuendo, plus a handful of “goddamns” and two “assholes.”

Story Songs CD

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