59 Minutes in a Bunker with the President of the United States

2022; feature film; comedy; written and directed by David Cornelius.

A trio of reporters find themselves locked in a bunker with a paranoid President and decide to give him the war he’s always wanted.

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Starring: Victoria Baker, Heather Gonzales, Brad Nicholas, Amanda Blanco, Amanda J. Nave, Terry Chapman, Eric Trice, Jim Hanson, Andrew Hinson, Joshua Hinson, with Michael Peake, and Matt Hudson as the President of the United States

Cinematography by Shane Chaney. Edited by Matthew Gray. Music by John Hoerr. (Full IMDb entry here.)

Theatrical premiere November 16, 2022.

Parents guide: Not recommended for young children. OK for most teens. Constant strong language throughout, with an f-bomb count nearing 200. One character is punched right in the kisser.

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