Mind Right/End of an Era

2018; music video; directed by Frank Cordoba.

Videos for a pair of songs from the A.M. Nice album End of an Era, available from Phratry Records.

“Mind Right”

Evie Barnes-Chapman Unicorn
Iron Jack Robertson

Also starring as the wrestlers:
Heather Owens
Hooks the Heavy Metal Viking
Space Invader
William Wolf

Edited by David Cornelius
Director of photography, camera: Shane Chaney
Director of photography, lighting: Mike Zwertschek
Key grip: Aerostax
Stunt coordinator: Brad Nicholas
Production assistants: Josh Wellington and Eddie Gonzales

With special thanks to RJ Smith III and Christian Wrestling Association International

Filmed on location at the CWA Warehouse in Hamilton, Ohio

“End of an Era”

Edited by Shane Chaney
Cinematography and color correction by Shane Chaney
Additional photography by David Cornelius

Starring Alexia Juniper Minton

Filmed on location at Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

Songs written and performed by A.M. Nice from the Phratry Records album End of an Era
©2018 A.M. Nice
©℗2018 Phratry Records, LLC

“Get Yr Mind Rite” online premiere May 1, 2018. “End of an Era” online premiere August 13, 2018.

Parents guide: “Get Yr Mind Rite” features pro wrestling in a manner intended for most ages. “End of an Era” OK for all ages.

Mind Right

Mind Right

Mind Right

End of an Era

End of an Era

End of an Era

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